This site was constructed to aid both dentists and patients alike;

Patients who want information on dentistry often have difficulty in finding suitable material which is both visual and accurate. Currently, the majority of information available for patients is provided by commercial companies, the purpose of which is usually to promote a certain product. The quality of this information can be quite high, though the draw back is that it tends to be concentrated on certain areas of dentistry, notably in the area of oral hygiene products.

The way in which we intend to help dentists is to provide a helpful and easy way to get an internet presence without the worry of a heavy financial investment. It is intended that dentists use this site to educate their own patients, this experience can be greatly enhanced by incorporating their surgery homepage into the site. will concentrate on the pictorial reinforcement of the oral health message, as this method is more easily understood than by words alone. To this extent we intend to bring the best in dental graphics and animation to the internet in order to convey this. We take great pride in being innovators and not simply emulating the accepted norm for site design. is always open to new ideas and welcomes feedback from patients and dentists. Only by listening to our visitors can be improve our site in the right direction.