Ideal Equipment Choice

1. The camera

It is important to choose the correct camera and several factors should be considered. After analysing the aavailable models it was found that the top end Nikon models were most suitable.

Two models are considered, the Nikon 950 and the Nikon 990. A comparative table is provided below.

In deciding on the Nikon 950 the following factors were considered;

Image Size

1600 x 1200 pixels gives a resolution of 2.1 million pixels. This allows a high quality image to be printing out on paper upto 10 x 8 inches.

Macro Range

Of all digital cameras the Nikon has one of the closet focusing settings. This camera allows photographs to be taken from 2cm away from the object.

Auto Focus

The auto focus mechanism on this camera has several thousand steps and ensures that all images are in focus. If the shutter release is half depressed a green light will signal that the camera is correctly focused. A further feature of this camera is that it will take several sequential photgraphs in macro mode then selct and save the photograph which had the sharpest picture.

Data Saving Method

This model using the compactflash card.These are available in sizes upto 64Mb.

A 16Mb card will hold around 35 images saved at a resolution of 1600x1200 with normal compression.

Rotating Lens Section

This feature allows the lens assembly to be rotated so that the LCD can be viewed from all directions. This is useful when using the camera at an awkward angle for instance when leaning forward over a patient.

Camera Function Control

A comprehensive menu system is built in which allows full control over all setting. The menu is displayed on the LCD screen on the reverse of the camera.

The first menu controls the default settings and management of the memory card.

The second menu shown here controls the camera settings in manual mode.