Film vs Digital Cameras
Digital cameras offer many advantages over film cameras. We outline the major ones below.


The autofocus on the Nikon has several thousand steps and in using the camera we always obtained a pin sharp image. When half depressing the shutter release, a green light signals that the correct focus has been achieved. The difficutly with cameras such as the Yashica Dental Eye is the narrow depth of field plus the difficulty of ascertaining whether the frame is in focus due to the poor illumination of the viewfinder and the matte viewfinder screen.


The Nikon camera tested was considerablty lighter than the Yashica Dental Eye, thereby reducing camera shake.

Instant Image Preview

The digital camera has a LCD monitor on the back which allows instantaneous preview of the photograph. This allows instant retakes, an advantage when compared with film cameras as you don't have to wait for the film to be developed before any photo can be viewed.

White Balance Correction

The Nikon will auto correct white balance, that is the colour correction required when photographs are taken under either tungsten(red colour cast) or fluorescent lighting(green colour cast).

One Possible Disadvantage of Digital Camera's

A digital image can be easily altered using computer software, this can be advantage as the contrast or colour can be adjusted to optimise the image. A disadvantage is that should litigation be involved in a case where digital photographs have been provided as evidence, then the other party may claim that the photographs have been doctored. With this in mind, Epson have a system built into their cameras which adds a digital watermark which is not visible unless special software is used to authenticate it. Should this image be altered, the watermark would be corrupted and the authentisity of the photograph not confirmable.

Urban Myth 1 : The date of generation is in your hard disk and any changes would show up with a subsequent date change.

Fact: simple utility software allows the creation/modification dates of photographs to be changed without leaving a trace.

This article has promoted some heated discussion between dentists with regard to digital cameras. Some feel that the quality offered is still not upto the required standards. Below are some of the best quotes, presented in chronological order.