Who I am

I graduated with BDS honours at Manchester University, England in 1999. For one year after that I worked as a vocational trainee on the outskirts of Manchester. During this time I developed the web site as a research project, the project subsequently won the 1st prize for the North Western Deanery. Since completing vocational training I have worked full time developing the site and in particular the animation sections.

Why I built Dentalwisdom.com

Initially Dentalwisdom.com was constructed to help those patients who wanted to know and understand what their treatment entails. I also included baseline info for dentists who were considering setting up a website. The secondary purpose of the site was to fulfil my requirement for a research project during vocational training.

The History of Dentalwisdom.com

The first stage was constructed over five months while I was working full time as a dentist. This of course meant many late nights and a lot of eye strain. All the work here is original, including all the diagrams and graphics.

Where will Dentalwisdom.com go now?

It has now become apparent from responses from visitors and critics that dentalwisdom.com has evolved to become one of the most innovative dental sites on the internet. Dentalwisdom will be rapidly expanding in several new directions and we'll keep you posted as soon as we have news.

Dr Simon J Nangle
Jonathan Munns is 40 years old and is married to Sue who is a midwifery practitioner at the local NHS hospital.Since graduating from Guy’s Hospital Dental School1982, he initially worked for 2 years in oral and maxillo-facial surgery before moving into general dental practice in 1985 where he has continued his career until now. He has owned and managed his current practice for over 12 years.

Currently, Jonathan has a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry and also the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. His interest in helping and treating people with halitosis is an extension from this work with many existing patients who struggle with maintaining good mouth cleanliness and so are troubled with the worry of bad breath. Jonathan has recently constructed a "Freshbreath" web site called "Freshbreathonline.com".

Stephen J Davies graduated at the University of Manchester in 1971. During his career he has worked in both hospitals and within general practice. During this time he has acquired several post graduate qualifications (DGDP, MDSc). Currently he divides his time between general practice and hospital work. Dr Davies is a senior clinician on the TMD clinic at Manchester dental hospital where he also lectures on the subject.

Dr Davies is also a co-author of the BDJ book: Temporomandibular disorders: A Clinical Approach. In addition to this, he also reviews articles submitted to the British Dental Journal.

I would also like to thank Mark Preston for providing the Javascript which operates our online quiz.